“Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

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Ness City Public Library will once again be hosting The Wichita Children’s Theatre Professional Touring Company for all Ness County school age children.  This year they will present the play RAPUNZEL on Wednesday, October 7, at the Ness City High School Auditorium.  All school ages children, preschool through sixth grade, are invited to attend.  If your child is home schooled and will not be attending with one of the four county wide schools, they are welcome to attend with adult supervision. For questions, please call 785-798-3415.

Rapunzel is a familiar tale with a fantastic new spin.  Forced to live in a tower with nothing but her very long locks of hair and her mother – a Witch; Rapunzel’s sixteenth birthday has come and she’ll finally  be able to see the outside world for the first time, just as her mother promised.  Afraid to let her go, the Witch goes back on her word and keeps Rapunzel locked up in the tower.  Lucky for Rapunzel, a young Prince named Brian, comes by her tower and calls out to her as he’s seen the witch do: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!” But before the Prince and Rapunzel have their “happily ever after”, they are going to have to face the wrath of the witch and other hilarious obstacles. Rapunzel is a glittering gem of theatrical goodness, great for all ages!

The Wichita Children’s Theatre Professional Touring Company performs from September through February in Kansas and Nebraska.  The Company is professional in every facet, complete with storybook sets, costumes and props appropriate for each production.