Do You Know the Magic Words?

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Miss Jean read “The Berenstain Bears Please & Thank You Book” by Mike Berenstain and “May I Please have a Cookie?” by Jennifer Morris to the Lap-Sit children this morning!  Both Mama Bear and Mommy Alligator baked cookies in these stories.  But the Berenstain Bear Children and Alphie Alligator had to remember the polite way to ask for a cookie.  When they remembered their manners, they used the magic words: “Please, Thank You and You are welcome”

We pretended making cookies out of play dough.  The kid had a good time rolling out the dough with their rolling-pins and cutting and shaping each one just right.  We had all shapes, sizes and kinds (chololate chip, sprinkle, plain, oreo and more) of cookies.   Of course we pretended to eat our cookies.   After we cleaned up, the kids enjoyed eating a ‘REAL” cookie.

Congratulations to the Younger Family on the birth of their baby boy and brother!  He slept through the whole thing!

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