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Update on 3M Cloud Library eBooks

March 28, 2012

Computer Access Release—PC version

3M still did not have an accessible place for their computer app software to download, but we were allowed to put the installation files up on our own server.  This is temporary until their software download page is ready.  A tutorial page on how to use the computer app has been completed, along with two short videos.  This is the exact address for the tutorial page: It can also be reached from the main Kansas EZ Library page.

This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  The Mac version is still in development.

Known Issues

Not all Cloud features are working properly yet. The 3M Cloud Library is supposed to allow you access to your checked out books, on all versions of the app, throughout your checkout period. For now, if you use both versions of the app, please check out the book on the version of the app you intend to use it on. This means if you intend to transfer a book to your Nook (or other ereader) you should check it out on the computer version of the app.  Realize that regular ereaders (Nook, Sony) will save your place in the book on that reader, but cannot communicate what page you are on to the 3M Cloud Library apps.

Adobe Authentication Issue: some librarians and power-users may run into an Adobe ID authentication problem.  Adobe IDs can only be used on 6 devices total (this is computers, ereaders, tablets, etc).  The 3M Cloud Library mobile apps generate an Adobe ID for you.  It is a code based on the library card number used to log in to the app.  The computer app may use your personal Adobe ID or the system-generated one based on your situation.  If you test a lot of devices you may run up against this issue.  Once you hit your limit of 6 you will suddenly be unable to get the 3M Cloud Library to work with device #7, and the reason will not be clear.  We will be working on support solution documentation for this issue.

Mobile App Report

Mobile access for Apple device users continues to go well.  Some Android device users are still experiencing errors, despite an upgrade to the 3M Cloud Library app for Android.  If you have a user experiencing issues, please direct them to our help section for 3M Cloud Library. If the solution there does not work, please have them follow our instructions for reporting an issue.

Use the Kansas EZ Library link  for more information.  For all the latest news on this front click here:



Register for OneClickDigital Registration is only required once! You do not have to go through the Kansas Library Card (or through your local library’s website) to access OneClickDigital again. You simply log in with the username & password you are about to create in the future. Full instructions for registration via the Kansas Library Card are below.

1. Go to the and log in.

2. The registration link is the second item on the screen! Click this.

3. The “create new account” page will open at OneClickDigital. You do not need to provide your library card number to the audiobooks system again.

4. Account preferences: all of these can be changed later under “My account,” so don’t worry if you might want to use a different type of device or change your mind about Media Manager later.

Operating System

Mac users—since the Media Manager for Mac is not ready yet, you will not have to make a choice for the final 2. It assumes manual download. Manual download instructions are on the Kansas EZ Library page.

Download Method-

Choosing the Media Manager option—you will be prompted to download the software & any updates your computer needs when you complete registration.

Portable Device Type

—if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter what you put in here.

5. Personal Information

a. Username–pretty flexible. You can use your Kansas Library Card number if you wish, or make up your own username entirely. This is the only field that you cannot change later. Be sure to keep track of this! Librarians are unable to look up your username.

b. Password—must contain some letters, so you cannot use your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format as you would with the Kansas Library Card. You could, however, have a password like: april41972. Passwords can be changed at any time.

c. Email address—you will be sent notification of holds and OneClickDigital has the ability to email a new password to you if you forget it.

6. Click the “Create an Account” button to complete your registration. Remember, if you selected “Media Manager” as your download method, the software installation will begin now. The OneClickDigital Videos link on the Kansas EZ Library page include one on the Media Manager.


COMING SOON:  More info on downloading eBooks:

Wanting to read free books on your Nook, Sony Reader, or other eBook device?  If you want to download anything from the State Library Audio/ebook site, you will need a Kansas Library Card which you can obtain FREE here @ your library.

How eBook Lending Works

EBooks work like normal library books. We have a “copy” of each book. When that copy is checked out, the status for the book will read “place a hold” indicating that you need to wait for the previous person to finish reading it.

If a copy is available, you will be able to add it to your cart, check out and download the book.  EBooks automatically expire after the duration of time selected.  However, you may check them back in early if you wish.


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