Off to the Land of Tulips!

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Tulips, Tulips, Tulips, wooden shoes, and Dala Horses.  We traveled to the land of Holland this week, for our Story Time at the Ness City Public Library.  In the book “The Great Tulip Trade”, by Beth Wagner Brust, we learned that back in the 1600’s tulips were more valuable than land, animals, jewels, and gold.  The rarest tulip was the Semper Augustus.  One sold for 4,600 florins (Dutch money), a coach, and a pair of horses.  But, in our story a young girl would not trade her Semper Augustus tulip for anything, because it was a birthday gift from her father.  And that was worth more than anything anyone could trade.

After our story we assembled beads, a wire ring, and Dala horse picture to create a Dala Horse Ring.  We also enjoyed a cookie snack, and the librarians sent a tulip ring sucker with us to take home.  Just one more week of our travels and our passport will be full.