Short Tour of the Kansas State Capitol

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I received this e-mail and link to the C-SPAN video clip from Bill Sowers with the Kansas State Library today, and I just had to share it with my patrons.  If you have never been to the Kansas Statehouse you are really missing a beautiful trip and a great part of our Kansas history.  Please enjoy this short video and see just what you have been missing.  Just click on the link below and enjoy the tour!  Thanks for sharing with us Bill!

FROM Bill Sowers:

This spring C-SPAN’s Book TV was in the Statehouse filming. This 10 minute video is part of the program that was aired. There are several minutes devoted to the State Library.

The narrator/guide is Andrea Burton. Andrea recently lost a long battle with cancer…. This video is not just a great look at our refurbished State Capitol but also a tribute to a wonderful person who devoted her professional life to providing people with a first hand look at this symbol of our state and its history.

Bill Sowers
Kansas Documents and Cataloging Librarian
State Library of Kansas
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