Thanks Russell Child Development Center for the grant!

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Lap-Sit meets the second and fourth Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Parent or guardian must accompany child. This is for children birth to three years of age. We sing, read stories, play games and other fun activities as well as simple crafts on occasion. We thank Russell Child Development Center in Garden City for the grants each year to purchase books, puzzles, games and other activity enhancements for our Lap-Sit Story Time.
Here are some of our children enjoying play time. Questions call 785-798-3415.

Disc Cleaning Service @ Your Library!

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Did you know that the Ness City Public Library cleans dirty or lightly scratched DVDs, CDs and Game disks? If you have a disc that is skipping or not playing correctly, it might just need a good cleaning. We cannot repair deep scratches or cracked discs. But for $1 it might be worth trying to save you’re favorite movie, music disc or game disc. Call 785-798-3415 for questions or stop by the library and check out this service.

Author with local ties publishes imaginative children’s book

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Jennifer Gassman’s book “The Sky is the Floor and the Grass is the Ceiling” was written with children in mind.  However it’s characters and message are universal to all ages.  Jennifer resides in Manhattan, Kansas; however her parent, Julius and Betty Gassman were born and raised in Ness City, Kansas; where they both graduated from Ness City High School.

Having suffered from a chronic medical condition for most of her life, most likely to result of a severe gluten allergy, Gassman’s health declined significantly about four years ago.  That when she turned to the book in earnest, devoting most of her time getting it published.

Long-time family friend, Sabra Clarke, approached me (Jean Schlegel, library director) with the possibility of helping promote Jennifer’s book here at the Ness City Public Library.  Jennifer would like to get 50 book reviews on Amazon, then Amazon will help promote her book.  Please help us with this endeavor.  We do have Miss Gassman’s book, “The Sky is the Floor and the Grass is the Ceiling” on hand if anyone would like to purchase one.  The cost is $15.99, and would make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift.  If you would just like to read the book and write a short review to help Jennifer out, we have a copy here at the library for check-out.

All proceeds go to Jennifer, but most important are the book reviews,; so be sure to go to Amazon. com  and  type in the title of Jennifer’s book and write a short review, they can be a simply as “I really like this book!”

Thank you for your hlep on this very special project.

New name for 3MCloud Library

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3M Cloud Library becoming Cloud Library

About a year ago, the 3M Library Section merged with another company, Bibliotheca.  3M Cloud Library is one of the products involved.  They have been slowly moving to new servers, etc, but now it is actually time to update the product name and app icon.  Exact dates not yet known, current timeline is:

  • Mobile apps & ChromeBooks – week of Sept 19th.
  • Computer software – week of Oct 3rd.

What’s changing?

The name of the app will become just “Cloud Library” and the icon will change to this new art.  You may see the name Bibliotheca in “about us” sections of the app. No functionality will change. Checkout, browse, reading will all remain the same.  cloud-library

 What do I need to do?

Update your software or app when the new version for your device is available.

  • Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone), ChromeBooks– update your app when prompted by the device.
  • Computers (Windows or Mac) – the software will notify you that it has downloaded the new version the first time you open it after the update.  Closing & reopening your software should allow it to finish installing.
  • Kindle Fires – due to the way these devices work, you will need to uninstall the app and download a fresh copy.  We will post further notes when the new version is available.

Look Out! Construction Site!

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Lap-Sit Story time children will be learning about community helpers this fall.  Today we put on our hard hats and listened to the story “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld.  We also read the book “Community Helpers at the Construction Site” by Mari C. Schuh.  This book told us all about people who operate the heavy machines, as well as the one that build home and other building (carpenters,  roofers, electricians, plumbers and masons/brick layers).

We talked about the construction work that is being done on Pennsylvania Avenue, here in Ness City.  We had our cones set up around our construction site and began working (playing) with dump trucks, diggers (excavators), cement trucks and our building blocks which we hauled and built some pretty amazing structures.  Maybe there was a little more hauling than actual building, but everyone had a good time ‘working’ at our construction site.  The children took their hard hats home with them; so don’t be surprised if you see some more construction going on around town!

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Who are our community helpers?

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Ness City Public Library will soon be holding their fall session of story times for boys and girls 4 years through kindergarten age; so if you are six years old, but attend kindergarten, you may still attend this FREE story time.

Parents are invited to stop by the library beginning September 1 through September 14 to enroll their child.  We will hold two session if we have enough children enrolled.  Parents may choose classes on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 7:45 p.m. or Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 4:45 p.m.  Starting dates are September 20 (Tues.) and 21 (Wed.) and classed will run weekly for six weeks ending on October 25 & 26.

Our story times will answer the big question, “Who are our community helpers?”

We would love to have some of our local community helpers visit our classes so that the children can meet and get to know some of the people that serve our community.  So if you are a community helper (nurse, doctor, policeman, fireman, teacher, trash collector, veterinarian, barber or hairstylist, mailman, city or county worker, or any other person working in our community) and want to visit and share with the children, call the library at 785-798-3415 and we will set up a time for you to come.


Second Week 0f Summer Reading!

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Another great week of “On Your Mark, Get Set – READ!” Summer Reading. Wed. was our 3rd & 4th Grade activity day. We had 11 attend and had a great time with crafts, games and gifts! Friday was 5th & 6th Grade Activity Day. A small group of 2 young men! We had fun with them and think they enjoyed making their pom-pom shooter from a pool noodle. They also play a few games and took home a bag of neat stuff. They especially liked the wallets, ear-buds and key-chain with flash drive! Thanks for coming everyone!
Sorry we missed getting pictures of the boys on Friday.
2016 3 & 4 grades 004 2016 3 & 4 grades 005 2016 3 & 4 grades 008

For Your Information…

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Do you often wonder if you are missing recalls on items you may have purchased?  Here is a  website widget from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It has a scrolling list of recalls- furniture, power tools, children’s items, etc.

The widget is at the lower right hand corner.

1st & 2nd Activity Day

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Ness City Public Library held an activity day for first and second grade summer readers on Friday, June 3rd.  We started off decorating sports sun visors, then played “germs on the go” were the child had to move the ‘germ’ (pompom) down the table into a square by blowing through a straw.  The kids were really pretty good at this, once they discovered not to blow too hard when you got close to the square.

Next we played a “chop-stick” relay where the children had to pick up marshmallows with the chop-sticks, and carry them to the other end of the table and place on a plate.  This proved to be a little more difficult!

We also tested the children’s sense of smell with a “Smell-O-Rama” game.  There were 9 covered cups filled with various foods or seasonings and after smelling one cup they wrote down what it smelled like and then returning to smell a different numbered cup. It was fun to hear what they thought each cup held.

Laurie demonstrated how color mix together when you put food coloring and dish soap in a pan a whole milk.  It was fun the see the colors swirl, and the kids helped it swirl a little faster my blowing on it.

Celery, carrots and pretzels with Ranch Dressing Dip and orange juice were our snacks for the day.

Each child received a bag filled with a pencil, note pad, sports ball, wrist band, ink stamper, and a wallet with sport themes covers; plus a sports pennant that they can color and hang in their rooms.

Twelve children joined us today!

More pictured under the Summer Reading tab under our banner.

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This Weeks Summer Reading Activities June 9-14

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Wednesday, June 10th is our 3rd and 4th Grade Activity Day for kids enrolled in Summer Reading.

Friday, June 13th is our 5th and 6th Grade Activity Day for kinds enrolled in Summer Reading.

Please call the library if you have not let us know you are coming. We want to be sure and have enough food and crafts to go around!