Second Week 0f Summer Reading!

Miss Jean   June 11, 2016   Comments Off on Second Week 0f Summer Reading!
Another great week of “On Your Mark, Get Set – READ!” Summer Reading. Wed. was our 3rd & 4th Grade activity day. We had 11 attend and had a great time with crafts, games and gifts! Friday was 5th & 6th Grade Activity Day. A small group of 2 young men! We had fun with them and think they enjoyed making their pom-pom shooter from a pool noodle. They also play a few games and took home a bag of neat stuff. They especially liked the wallets, ear-buds and key-chain with flash drive! Thanks for coming everyone!
Sorry we missed getting pictures of the boys on Friday.
2016 3 & 4 grades 004 2016 3 & 4 grades 005 2016 3 & 4 grades 008

For Your Information…

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Do you often wonder if you are missing recalls on items you may have purchased?  Here is a  website widget from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It has a scrolling list of recalls- furniture, power tools, children’s items, etc.

The widget is at the lower right hand corner.

1st & 2nd Activity Day

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Ness City Public Library held an activity day for first and second grade summer readers on Friday, June 3rd.  We started off decorating sports sun visors, then played “germs on the go” were the child had to move the ‘germ’ (pompom) down the table into a square by blowing through a straw.  The kids were really pretty good at this, once they discovered not to blow too hard when you got close to the square.

Next we played a “chop-stick” relay where the children had to pick up marshmallows with the chop-sticks, and carry them to the other end of the table and place on a plate.  This proved to be a little more difficult!

We also tested the children’s sense of smell with a “Smell-O-Rama” game.  There were 9 covered cups filled with various foods or seasonings and after smelling one cup they wrote down what it smelled like and then returning to smell a different numbered cup. It was fun to hear what they thought each cup held.

Laurie demonstrated how color mix together when you put food coloring and dish soap in a pan a whole milk.  It was fun the see the colors swirl, and the kids helped it swirl a little faster my blowing on it.

Celery, carrots and pretzels with Ranch Dressing Dip and orange juice were our snacks for the day.

Each child received a bag filled with a pencil, note pad, sports ball, wrist band, ink stamper, and a wallet with sport themes covers; plus a sports pennant that they can color and hang in their rooms.

Twelve children joined us today!

More pictured under the Summer Reading tab under our banner.

2016 SR 1st and 2nd 003 - Copy (3) - Copy 2016 SR 1st and 2nd 010 - Copy - Copy 2016 SR 1st and 2nd 015 - Copy 2016 SR 1st and 2nd 023 - Copy

This Weeks Summer Reading Activities June 9-14

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Wednesday, June 10th is our 3rd and 4th Grade Activity Day for kids enrolled in Summer Reading.

Friday, June 13th is our 5th and 6th Grade Activity Day for kinds enrolled in Summer Reading.

Please call the library if you have not let us know you are coming. We want to be sure and have enough food and crafts to go around!

Muddy Trail a dissapointment…

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…but we still had a lot of fun!

Thanks to all the children who came to the crafts, games and nutrition activities at the Community Building yesterday. Even though we could not do our story walk due to the mud, I think everyone had a good time! Thanks to the City for letting us use the building as the park was pretty muddy, too. A special thanks to Janae Svoboda, FNP Program Assistant for come and share her nutritional smoothe demonstration and ‘bone’ relay with us. Thanks to Laurie and Nancy for helping with the day and for the sitters and mothers who also helped with the games.

Parents, remember that you can take your children on the STORY WALK at the Gradatim Walking Trail across the street for the parking lot at the park any time (should be dried out in a couple of days). “Ice Cream Bear” is the present story. The books will be changed out every week or two with a new book, thanks to Erin Petersilie with Walnut Creek Extension. This is a great way to enjoy a good book and get a little exercise and fresh air.

Kids, remember to bring in your recipe for our cook book by June 10th. Friday June 3rd is our first and second grade activity day here at the libray. Call 785-798-3415 to save your spot! Our space is limited.


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It’s time to enroll your children in our summer reading program here at the Ness City Public Library!  This year we are doing a four week session.  Children must be enrolled to participate.  Summer Reading begins on Tuesday, May 31st and our kick off activity is a story walk and games in the park that afternoon.

We are partnering with Walnut Creek and District Extension agents for the story Walk and games in the park.  Erin Petersilie, Walnut Creek agent put together the stories and will set up the walk for us on the Ness City Gradatim Trail.   Janae Svoboda, FNP Program Assistant, will be there and will provide a healthy snack or drink for the children.

Other group programs planned are ‘Creating your individual READ poster,’ ‘Kevin Horner Puppeteer & Magician’ and our ‘Pool Party.’  We will also have activity time for the different age group in first through sixth grades; where we will do crafts, games, and other activities.

Summer Readers are grades first through sixth (grade completed) and we also have a Wee Readers group for ages pre-school and Kindergarten.  Wee-Readers need to have an adult accompany them to the story walk, READ poster program, and the Kevin Horner program.  The pool party is for first through sixth grades only.

Questions, call 785-798-3415.


Career Highway

Laurie Dinges   April 20, 2016   Comments Off on Career Highway



So many careers to choose from.  Which one is best for you?  What does the future look like for this career?  And, where can this career take me?

There is a lot to think about when choosing a career.  Here at the Ness City Library you can find many books on many different career choices.  There are books for those who choose to go to college and for those who  choose to go directly into the work force.

So, if you are making a career choice for the first time or wanting to make a change in your career path come on into the library, check out our books, and see were they can take you.


Do You Know the Magic Words?

Miss Jean   April 14, 2016   Comments Off on Do You Know the Magic Words?

Miss Jean read “The Berenstain Bears Please & Thank You Book” by Mike Berenstain and “May I Please have a Cookie?” by Jennifer Morris to the Lap-Sit children this morning!  Both Mama Bear and Mommy Alligator baked cookies in these stories.  But the Berenstain Bear Children and Alphie Alligator had to remember the polite way to ask for a cookie.  When they remembered their manners, they used the magic words: “Please, Thank You and You are welcome”

We pretended making cookies out of play dough.  The kid had a good time rolling out the dough with their rolling-pins and cutting and shaping each one just right.  We had all shapes, sizes and kinds (chololate chip, sprinkle, plain, oreo and more) of cookies.   Of course we pretended to eat our cookies.   After we cleaned up, the kids enjoyed eating a ‘REAL” cookie.

Congratulations to the Younger Family on the birth of their baby boy and brother!  He slept through the whole thing!

2016 cookie Lap-Sit 001 - Copy 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 003 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 008 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 011 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 0142016 cookie Lap-Sit 008 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 012

Lap-Sit Fun!

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We had so much fun at Lap-Sit Story Time this morning. A great group of children (9) and moms/grandma. After singing our opening songs, we read “The Parable of the Lily” by Liz Curtis Higgs. The we played with our BIG parachute and had an Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks everyone for coming!  If you are interested in joining us, we meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursday morning at 10:30. This is for birth to three years of age and parents or care givers stay with the child.  More info call: 785-798-3415.Lap-sit Easter 002 Lap-sit Easter 014 Lap-sit Easter 019 Lap-sit Easter 027 Lap-sit Easter 029 Lap-sit Easter 030