Do You Know the Magic Words?

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Miss Jean read “The Berenstain Bears Please & Thank You Book” by Mike Berenstain and “May I Please have a Cookie?” by Jennifer Morris to the Lap-Sit children this morning!  Both Mama Bear and Mommy Alligator baked cookies in these stories.  But the Berenstain Bear Children and Alphie Alligator had to remember the polite way to ask for a cookie.  When they remembered their manners, they used the magic words: “Please, Thank You and You are welcome”

We pretended making cookies out of play dough.  The kid had a good time rolling out the dough with their rolling-pins and cutting and shaping each one just right.  We had all shapes, sizes and kinds (chololate chip, sprinkle, plain, oreo and more) of cookies.   Of course we pretended to eat our cookies.   After we cleaned up, the kids enjoyed eating a ‘REAL” cookie.

Congratulations to the Younger Family on the birth of their baby boy and brother!  He slept through the whole thing!

2016 cookie Lap-Sit 001 - Copy 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 003 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 008 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 011 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 0142016 cookie Lap-Sit 008 2016 cookie Lap-Sit 012

Lap-Sit Fun!

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We had so much fun at Lap-Sit Story Time this morning. A great group of children (9) and moms/grandma. After singing our opening songs, we read “The Parable of the Lily” by Liz Curtis Higgs. The we played with our BIG parachute and had an Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks everyone for coming!  If you are interested in joining us, we meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursday morning at 10:30. This is for birth to three years of age and parents or care givers stay with the child.  More info call: 785-798-3415.Lap-sit Easter 002 Lap-sit Easter 014 Lap-sit Easter 019 Lap-sit Easter 027 Lap-sit Easter 029 Lap-sit Easter 030

Love is in the air!

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We had a great group for our Lap-Sit Story Time today.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so we talked a about love and how you show your love through Valentines.  Miss Jean read the books “I Love My Mommy Because” and ” I Love my Daddy Because,” written by Laurel Porter-Gayloard.  The books  tell all the ways that mommies and daddies love there children; and that ‘love’ is pictured not only with children, but with various animals and their babies.

We drew a heart shape by following the letters of the alphabet and decorated them with stickers and crayon, designing our very own Valentines.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Lap-Sit Valentines 008 - Copy (2) Lap-Sit Valentines 002 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 001 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 003 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 004 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 010 Lap-Sit Valentines 009 Lap-Sit Valentines 007 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 006 - Copy (2) - Copy Lap-Sit Valentines 005 - Copy (2) - Copy

Picture from Twila Blakely’s Book Signing

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To see the picture from Twila Tuttle Blakely’s Book Signing, click on the Tab at the top of this page.  We are getting a few more of her books in to sell, they are going like hot-cakes!  So, if you’re interest in purchasing one, let us know and we will save one (two, three) back for you.  The cost per book is $14.  Twila has been very gracious to give the library a percent of the sales, thanks Twila!

Christmas Crafts for Boys & Girls

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thumbnailCAULT9NOCome and join us in making some Christmas crafts on Saturday, December 12, 2015, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. here at the library.  This is for kids in first throug 6th grades.  We are limited to 20 crafters so call 785-798-3415 and reserve your spot soon.  There is no cost for this class – we will furnish the craft supplies and snacks.

Happy Halloween!

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We had so much fun with the little people who visited the library on Thursday during the annual Chamber of Commerce Trick or Treat parade around town to the local businesses.  I’m sure we did not get picture of every child, as there were well over 100 kids and parents who came through our door.  It was a beautiful day and so many great costumes.  Thanks for coming kids!

This little video was taken by accident, as Ms. Jean has a new camera and doesn’t know exactly how to operate it!  Turned out pretty cute for an accident.  Check out more pictures on our photo shots (black button at top of page – 2015 Trick or Treaters).  Click on the video below, it does take and minute or two to load.


Short Tour of the Kansas State Capitol

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I received this e-mail and link to the C-SPAN video clip from Bill Sowers with the Kansas State Library today, and I just had to share it with my patrons.  If you have never been to the Kansas Statehouse you are really missing a beautiful trip and a great part of our Kansas history.  Please enjoy this short video and see just what you have been missing.  Just click on the link below and enjoy the tour!  Thanks for sharing with us Bill!

FROM Bill Sowers:

This spring C-SPAN’s Book TV was in the Statehouse filming. This 10 minute video is part of the program that was aired. There are several minutes devoted to the State Library.

The narrator/guide is Andrea Burton. Andrea recently lost a long battle with cancer…. This video is not just a great look at our refurbished State Capitol but also a tribute to a wonderful person who devoted her professional life to providing people with a first hand look at this symbol of our state and its history.

Bill Sowers
Kansas Documents and Cataloging Librarian
State Library of Kansas
visit the KGI Online Library!!

PlayAways now available at your library!

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If you’re starting a new exercise program or faithfully continuing your old one, perhaps you would enjoy listening to a great book as you jog, walk, run, or maybe just cleaning  house or working in the yard.  Ness City Public Library has Play-a-Ways to check out.  Come by and ask about them.  All you need is a pair of ear-buds and you’re off!  Just another way to enjoy a good book and doing whatever you enjoy doing at the same time.001



The Ness City Public Library is pleased to announce that it now offers the Mango Languages online language-learning system to its patrons, through the State Library of Kansas.

Learning a new language with Mango Languages is free for all library patrons, and offers a fast and convenient solution for our community’s increasing language learning needs.  Each lesson combines real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions.  The courses are presented with an appreciation for cultural nuance and real-world application that integrates components of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.  Users learn actual conversation, breaking down complex linguistic elements within an audio-visual framework that draws important connections and builds on information they have already learned.

Mango is available in two versions.  One is Mango Complete, a 100-lesson course that is designed to provide a deep understanding of a language and its culture.  The second is Mango Basic, which teaches everyday greetings, goodbyes, and helpful phrases in a short period of time and is designed to appeal to a beginner in a new language.  There are more than 40 foreign language courses available and 16 English as a second Language (ESL) courses.

“We are thrilled to add Mango Languages to our new list of databases.” said State Library Jo Budler.  “Kansans may want to learn a second language for business, travel, or just because they think it would be interesting.  No matter the reason, Mango makes learning a language fun and we hope the state takes full advantage of one of our newest investments towards enhancing Kansas.”

“Our library has had several requests from our community for language classes and were looking into different possibilities when we received word that the Mango Languages were available through our State Library.” said Jean Schlegel NCPL Library Director.  “I am so excited to have this FREE teaching tool available for individuals in our community!”

To learn more about Mango and get a preview of what the program has to offer, stop by the library and we will give you an introduction.  We also have some free gifts for ‘checking it out!’

You can access Mango Languages three ways:  through the Ness City Library website at, through your Verso Library Patron account or through your Kansas Library Card.

For more information, contact the Ness City Public Library at (785)798-3415.


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Your library is now offering a NEW service, CD  and DVD disc cleaning. 

With the aid of a matching grant from the Southwest Kansas Library System, the library has purchased a “Disc-Go-Devil” disc cleaning machine.  The original reason for this purchase was to extend the life and circulation time of library owned audio CDs as well as our collection of DVDs.  However, the staff and trustees have decided to offer this service to our patrons as well.  There is a small fee to help cover the cost of cleaning supplies.

Please feel free to call the library with questions concerning this NEW library service.